These Pictures Of Hong Kong’s Coffin Like Rooms Will Leave You In Distress

Most of us do not care about the roof over our heads and keep on whining about the defects of our homes. In poor underdeveloped countries of the world, many are forced to live in horrible slums; you would never even think of leaving a pet there. However, we do expect that people residing in the developed parts of the world would apparently live in luxurious, or atleast comfortable housings. You may imagine a tiny trailer house as a rather difficult place to live, but even the thought of these coffin cubicles of Hong Kong will convince you to be thankful for your blessed life.

Everyone needs a roof, even if it is as tiny as a coffin. In the wealthy state of Hong Kong, about 20,000 people live in these distressing conditions. The property is so expensive that people live in flats that are illegally divided into spaces as small as 20 square feet. Slightly bigger from these coffin homes, houses measuring around 120 square feet can cost the inhabitants around $580 in rent and utilities. Some of these inhabitants do not even have the luxury of stretching their legs in their small cubicles.

Images via Benny Lam

Can you live in this kind of a cubicle for the rest of your life? Share your views in the comment’s section below.


  1. saboga Reply

    Anyone who has ever lived on a boat is perfectly comfortable living in small spaces. Living like a pig, however, is a totally different matter…

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