This Video Of A SpaceX Rocket Launching In Front Of The Full Moon Looks Absolutely Amazing


This new video of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launching from the Florida Space Coast is quite a sight to behold. The footage of this crowning departure has been shared by ABC News, in which we can see that the Falcon 9 rocket is prepared to make its way to the International Space Station in front of the mesmerizing full moon. This now-viral video has intrigued the public because of the huge number of gases that can be seen emancipating from the rocket exhaust, thus portraying the full moon shining in the background. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of this undeniably cool sight:

Coupled with this, the mission was conducted last week near NASA’s Kennedy Space Station and consisted of the four astronauts who were subjected to be transported to the International Space Station. However, it should be noted that the Crew Dragon Capsule of the space company is one of the important assets for the United States to make itself independent from using Russian-made Soyuz rockets. In this way, the US can easily deliver its astronauts into orbit by not relying on any other country.

One of the most interesting things to note is that this recent mission also carried a Russian cosmonaut named “Anna Kikina” to the International Space Station although there are a lot of political conflicts ongoing between Russia and the United States. However, this smart move depicts that space sees no boundaries and conflicts. Apart from this, countries including Russia, China and U.S are continuously making efforts to conquer the moon by discovering new details like the living conditions for human beings.

To that end, NASA has achieved a milestone after developing its indigenous launch platform known as the “Space Launch System (SLS)” to make missions possible as soon as they can. Moreover, the footage shown above adds to the beauty of the orange moon but the hot gases released from the rocket exhaust is making the moon a little bit blurry for the spectators. Above all, this was one of the most ambitious and critical projects of SpaceX that has finally been completed in a remarkable way.


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