This Modified Tesla Drove An Astonishing 1800-Miles Without Charging – Through One Simple Change

Warped Perception is well-known for its odd Tesla modifications. After mounting three mini-jet engines to the back of his Model S to boost acceleration, channel presenter Matt Mikka is now addressing another issue with the vehicle: the need to stop and charge it.

So he’s come up with something pretty unique. He modified a Tesla Model S to become the first ever Cordless Tesla. Also, he’s managed the vehicle to make a 1,600-mile or more trip without needing to charge. Also, he used gasoline to charge the car rather than a plug-in charger.

It’s interesting to see how Tesla performs under such upgrades. Warped Perception fueled the cordless Tesla with a gasoline-driven power plant generator. In this case, the vehicle charges itself not only while sitting but also while it is moving, effectively extending the Tesla’s range.

The video by Warped Perception shows some of the car’s assembly. The most notable feature is a single-cylinder 400 cc overhead valve gasoline engine that produces around 10,000 watts or 13.4 horsepower.

The video shows Warped Perception fitting that into the Tesla, firing it up for the first time, and running it for 30 minutes to ensure it is functioning as intended. It was a lot of work to fit the engine to the Tesla, and with no time to test it, Warped Perception just headed out to see if it would work.

On the road, it looked like it was working, but then there was an issue when he realized the gasoline was being sprayed out of the car’s rear.

After reaching Jurassic Gardens, the Tesla proceeded to its next stop, friend Nick’s house, to view his jet pontoon. Unfortunately, the engine had been leaking petrol for around 100 miles, so it took a while to arrive. The main issue with the Tesla powerplant at the back was the noise. It was pretty noisy, which defeats the purpose of owning an electric vehicle.

After hitting the road again, Warped Perception gets pulled over again. This was because he needed to travel at roughly 45 mph to keep enough energy in the vehicle to charge while traveling and reach its next destination.

During this Tesla experiment, the cop and Warped Perception agreed that he would drive at 55 mph until the car lost power, then stop for 15 minutes to charge it before continuing. It was then time to acquire supplies, fill up the engine tank, and charge the vehicle overnight.

The Tesla was at roughly 95 percent battery capacity when Warped Perception started, and he was supposed to arrive with about 28 percent battery remaining. However, as the Tesla went into Lake Michigan, the neighbors on Warped Perception called the cops because of the noise.

But even then, the adventure does not end here. Indeed, the trip wasn’t moving as quickly as Warped Perception anticipated because the generator’s energy capacity wasn’t quite capable of doing the job.

Before the Tesla lands in Kohler, Wisconsin, for the final leg of the journey, Warped Perception stops at a few locations, including the Bier Distillery. With the Tesla’s generator working nonstop for seven days, the total distance traveled was 1,842 miles.

Warped Perception must go back to explore what more could be done to make the build even more capable, as it wasn’t the ideal road trip, and the generator couldn’t keep up with what the vehicle required.

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