This Video Explains The Engineering Of Thermoacoustic Engines In A Creative Way


The experiment in the video surely will increase your learning horizons on thermoacoustic engines.

If you were ever interested in knowing more about thermoacoustic engine’s working and how these are made, you’d be happy to be here. The Youtube channel NightHawkInLight will be producing a series of these experiments that eventually will come together to demonstrate their basic working mechanism.

For starters, the Youtuber described this Thermoacoustics as a line of study that finds the relationship between acoustic resonance and heat. One focus point of the study is to trace how the engineers can create these engines that run alone on heat.

Engineering Of Thermoacoustic Engines Explained In A Creative Video

Most amazingly, these thermoacoustic engines have almost zero moving parts, which basically enable them to run like this. Whereas in the typical engines, there are thousands of moving components such as bearings and shafts which cannot bear heat over a certain point. And they fail if somehow they get overheated. Thermoacoustics hardly has one or two moving parts, making them a good fit for producing air conditioners that pump heat from one point to another through sound waves. Crazy engineering, I must say!

Thermoacoustics is not developed widely because these are one of the worst in energy output. However, they make a great piece of engineering that comes with more reliability to bear high heat levels. Enjoy the concept explained in the video below.


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