This Food Harvesting Video Shows Different Areas Best For Growing Different Foods

It also tells actual and interesting facts about each harvest.

Many people don’t know that different types of areas are required to grow different types of food. And for those many people, it is high time to know that different forms of harvesting ask for different areas.

Does the question arise how to differentiate? To answer that, we have an in-depth video showing what sort of soil requirements are needed to grow different types of food. What suits the best for a specific crop is illustrated by mapping different areas over a globe of the world. Not only this, but the video also contains interesting information on different types of harvests around the world.

For example, you might not know that China is the producer of eighty percent of the world’s total garlic produced. And that Orange is in abundance between the areas of Pomelo and Mandarin.

As you’ll progress your time in the video, you’ll learn more such interesting facts. Did you know that Banana containing potassium emits radioactivity but at a deficient, not dangerous level? Also, the reason why a person gets teary eyes while cutting an onion? The video contains all the cool facts that you’d surely relate to daily life.

Another interesting fact that I learned from the video is 71 percent of the world’s total produced grapes go into the wine production business. The rest, 27 percent, is consumed as a fruit, and the remaining 2 percent is left to produce some of the dry fruits.

We all love coffee, it keeps us active, but do you know where it is consumed the most? Are cotton seeds toxic to human beings or not? What sort of an effect do they have on cows?

All is answered in the amazing video that will fulfill your curiosity. Click on the link below and ask your friends these questions. It will make you look like the one who knows the most, which sometimes works well for us. Enjoy!

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