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This USB For Your iPhone Adds 256GB Storage Space

ibridge for iphone

iPhones are incredibly stable devices that are loved throughout the world for their longevity and resourcefulness. But, if there is one thing that is universally disliked about iPhones is their lack of expandable space. They are keen on offering iCloud along with their storage, but all of us don’t have access to high-speed internet at all times to upload and view the data through iCloud. If you are as unconvinced as we are, you can try iBridge to increase your mobile space.

The iBridge is a dongle that has a lightening connector one end and USB port on the other. It has a very unusual design that works very well with the iPhone as it bends into the body and sits snugly with it. To increase the adaptability of the gadget with different phone covers, it is made from flexible material and so much that you don’t have to replug it now and then.

It has caps on either end that can be fastened to your key holder so that you won’t lose it while on the go. It works as well as any other thumb drive on your computer, and you can drag and drop all the files you need and then plug it back in your phone. When connected to the phone, it gives a variety of options for file viewing, settings, data transfer and camera. So you can take photos and add them straight to the little dongle.


The camera app of the iPhone takes pictures and then sends them to the iBridge app to be stored on its storage rather than the phone itself. The contacts on the phone can also be backed with the help of the app, so it is good for backing up your entire stuff. The iBridge’s storage capacity comes in 16-256 GB sizes depending on the usage of the user. Apparently, it is meant to target all old and current phone market of Apple. The 16GB version costs just 59 $ while the 256 GB costs much more at 399 $.

So, if you are comfortable with the slight change in the phone’s handling, this device could be very handy. All of us run out of phone storage after some time and then we have to make difficult choices regarding what to keep in the phone or not!

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