This Weird Hack Can Give You Gigabytes Of Free Space On Your iPhone

Apple fans are loyal and stick to the new version of iPhone year after year. Still, they do have their fair share of complaints. One of these biggest complaints has been the issue of iPhone storage. Never having enough space whenever you need to capture a moment or make a video. The Apple users can rest easy and no longer have to worry about the storage issue on their phones with this simple hack.

The error we are so used to seeing:

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

We’ve wanted to do this a number of times over the years.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

That time is long gone. You can follow this useful trick to free up space but first, you need to have a few Mbs of space available on your phone. You can check the remaining storage by going into your settings. Tap “General” and then go into “Storage & iCloud Usage”. You will see something like this.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

Now that you have a few Mbs of space, the next step is to open your iTunes application and find the longest movie you can find. The longer the better. Once you’ve found it, press rent. Not to be alarmed, you won’t have to pay for it as you don’t have the storage to download such a movie. A notification will pop up, informing you of low storage. At this point, you need to go to the settings from the popup notification box and see the magic happen.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

Once you’re in the settings, go to the screen where you can check the total and available storage. You will see that trying to download such a large file will have cleared up the cache and space you never knew you had on your phone will be available to you.

(Source: Boredom Therapy)

You can repeat this technique a number of times until the phone’s cache is completely cleared. Follow the simple steps never to have problems with your iPhone storage ever again.

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  1. Drew Reply

    An easier way to clear the cache has already been programed into the iPhone for years. Simply hold down the power button until it brings up the screen that says “Slide to Power Off.” Remove finger from power button and hold down the home button for 10 seconds, your screen will flash and go to the home screen. Your cache has now been reset.

    I use it on the rare occasion that an app freezes, like when Pokémon Go first came out.

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