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This US Company Is Struggling To Keep Up With The Demand Of Fake Meat

Impossible Foods is a plant-based meat maker in the US and announced on Tuesday that it is having a hard time keeping up with the demand for its products. David Lee, CFO Impossible Foods, has said that the demand for Impossible products has increased by more than 100%!

This has to do with a Burger King deal as well. The Burger King deal introduced a meatless version of the Whopper sandwich. The famous burger maker carried out a test of the Impossible Whopper at St. Louis. The test was a success, and the fast-food chain has announced that it has planned to sell the meatless burger featuring the Impossible product in all of its locations.

Impossible Foods has also released a statement that says that it ‘recognizes the inconvenience that this shortage is causing and sincerely apologizes to all customers, particularly those who have come to depend on the additional foot traffic and revenue that the Impossible Burger has generated.’ Lucky for Impossible Foods that the shortage is not stemming from a lack of the ingredients that are used for making the plant-based meat. The statement further said, ‘We are facing short-term ramp-up challenges resulting from demand greatly outstripping supply.’

According to Lee, Impossible Foods is ‘not sparing any expense’ for upgrading its production lines and is focused on keeping up with the demand. The startup is busy increasing the number of hours that the plant located in Oakland, California is open and is currently hiring employees for a third shift while also installing a second production line.

The Burger King deal is on the way, and it will almost double the number of restaurants that Impossible Foods is working in collaboration with. Theirs is a solid enough reason for why the meatless alternative of Impossible Foods is booming. Impossible Burgers will take away the ethical concerns related to meat products! What do you think of Impossible Foods? Do let us know!