McDonald’s To Introduce Finger Lickin Good McPlant, A Burger For Veggie Lovers


The latest Burger feast for vegetarians will hit most markets in the coming year.

McDonald’s has announced adding a pure vegetarian burger to its menu. And the new addition is named McPlant, which surely would be finger-licking good too! High time to consider vegetarians. As we know, the numbers are increasing with more and more people shifting towards a green diet.

McDonald’s recent statement from Monday reads, ‘Crafted exclusively for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s.’

As we know, there was a time whenever we heard of going for fast food, McDonald’s hit our mind. But those times are long gone with thousands of other fast food options available across the world. And the trend now is to try out new places to eat.

However, this has buzzed off McDonald’s, and they won’t just sit idle and see losing most of its market share. They’ve even termed others as selling fake meat patties.

McDonald’s International President Ian Borden said at an investor meeting on Monday that the future could see more plant-based options, such as chicken substitutes, breakfast sandwiches, and even an extended range of plant-based burgers.

As per Monday’s statements, McPlant will be loaded with the traditional McDonald’s irresistible flavors. And there are other plant-based burgers out there, but none matches the McPlant. It would deliver the iconic taste in a sink your teeth in, and wipe your mouth kind of a burger. It would be done with a juicy plant-based patty and served with the warm sesame seed bun. Not to forget all the classic toppings would be in it too!

The McPlant burger sounds like a typical yummy McDonald’s deal, but even better, it would get you to the healthier side while fulfilling all your tastebuds cravings.

Beyond Meat is one of America’s plant-based meat producers and was in action last year when it started to test its vegetarian patties in McDonald’s select outlets in Canada. However, McDonald’s’ news will produce its own plant-based meat patties dropped Beyond Meat’s market shares significantly.

Anyhow, McDonald’s new McPlant will hit the markets soon as it’s now officially announced. Some are even expected to test the McDonalds made plant-based patty burger in the coming year.

Get ready for the thrill, Vegetarians! McDonald’s is here to rescue! And for all the seasonal, healthy eaters, it is good news for y’all too.


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