This Upcoming Smartphone Will Come With Nine Lenses


Light is a Silicon Valley-based startup and has plans to launch a foldable smartphone at the end of this year with nine lenses. A camera with 16 lenses was launched by the same startup last year and now they are planning to incorporate the same technology into a smartphone.

Dual-lens phones and even triple-lens cameras are now very common. Light is planning to take the game up a notch by introducing nine lenses in a phone that is foldable as well. Some working prototypes were shown to the Washington Post recently which had five to nine lenses built into the back.

(Source: Gadget Carpet)

The company claims that the smartphone camera will offer exceptional low-light performance as well as diverse depth effects when it shoots images up to 64 megapixels. This will definitely grab the attention of enthusiasts who are fans of photography.

One looming issue is that these photos will occupy a large amount of space and will create storage issues for the users. If they opt to store the images in the cloud, it will cost them quite a sum and will take up a lot of time to upload all the images.

(Source: TechJuice)

The unique technology uses camera lenses of different focal lengths to capture multiple images at the same time and then uses an algorithm to fuse them together to create a single image. In order to make their place in the competitive market, Light needs to make sure that their technology is of the highest quality and there are no glitches. We will have to wait to see how it fares once it is released.


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