This UFO-Like eVTOL Concept Could Carry 40 Passengers For Intracity Travels


The new design eVTOL concept brings the world with a fast-paced air journey, and could carry forty passengers or 10,000 lb’s of cargo, increasing the effectiveness of eVTOL vehicles, it is being designed and built by New York-based start-up Kelekona.

Electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles are seeing new innovative designs, starting off from small-sized eVTOL vehicles to models that could carry 40 passengers in a single flight. The world seems to be on the verge of a flying taxi revolution with newer and more practical designs being introduced as time paces ahead.

More companies are developing small aircraft which bring emissions-free flight, and that too without the hassle of going to an airport, credits to the easy lift-offs and landings of eVTOL vehicles, making air journeys convenient than ever before.

Most of the earlier eVTOL aircraft are built for within city fast-paced travels to bring along more convenience compared to cruising your way from one place to another in a car, dealing with the traffic is one hassle to say, followed by a list of others.

The eVTOL vehicle by Kelekona is designed to meet the needs for city-to-city long travels, with a space to seat 40 passengers on a single flight. Coming to its speed, the company behind the large-scale eVTOL vehicle says it could complete a trip between LA and San Francisco in only an hour.

Its body dimensions are different from what we expect of an eVTOL aircraft, it has an unusual teardrop-shaped airframe and curved wide body. Its wing flaps are at the back of the aircraft and are responsible for the vertical lift, to say that the whole aircraft’s body replicates as a wing won’t be a wrong statement.

The Kelekona eVTOL vehicle packs a battery pack that is sufficient enough for its city-to-city travels, however, batteries require quite some time to recharge into functioning again. Catering to that, Kelekona designed it for swappable batteries that allow for easy switching so that the time factor doesn’t get compromised on its round trips between the cities.

The start-up’s website on its new eVTOL for forty passengers or 10,000 lb’s of cargo says, “a combination of stereo cameras and radar give Kelekona 100 miles of added environmental awareness for detection and avoidance from unknown aircraft, bird strike, weather anomalies, and uncharted physical infrastructure.”

The Kelekona eVTOL vehicle is one of its kind aircraft for city-to-city travels, the only one close to its specifications is the Skybus aircraft developed by GKN Aerospace which also seats around forty passengers; however, its massive wings design is no good for landing it anywhere within most of the cities, on the other hand, Kelekona eVTOL could land vertically as it takes off with more convenience.

Check out the innovative and massive design eVTOL vehicle in the company-released video below.


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