This Two-Wheeled Robot Is Switzerland’s Latest Security Guard


Switzerland has unveiled its latest security guard, but it’s not your typical uniformed human. This two-wheeled robot, developed by a robotics start-up from ETH Zurich called Ascento, has been making waves in the security industry. Ascento’s creation has been successfully employed by Swiss security firm Securitas AG, showcasing its potential to revolutionize security patrols. A video released by ETH Zurich demonstrates the remarkable agility of this new security guard. It effortlessly navigates various locations and terrains, ensuring thorough monitoring and surveillance. However, one might question whether it can provide the same level of attention as a human guard. This concern stems from a notorious incident in 2019 when a robotic patrol robot, known as the RoboCop, failed to assist a woman in need despite her pressing the emergency button.

The RoboCops, developed by Knightscope, were not yet directly connected to police departments at that time. Instead, emergency calls were routed through Knightscope, who then contacted the police. The incident highlighted the importance of refining protocols and ensuring seamless integration with existing security systems.

It’s interesting to note that crime-fighting robots have recently been placed in subway stations in New York City. These robotic gadgets were presented by the New York Police Department (NYPD) as a part of experimental initiatives to improve safety. The city’s commitment to researching cutting-edge technologies for the safety of residents and visitors was stressed by Mayor Eric Adams.

There is a lot of potential in using robot security guards. They can cover large regions, work in difficult conditions, and improve the abilities of human guards. To maintain the efficiency and dependability of these devices, it is essential to remedy any flaws found in earlier models. The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to significantly enhance the responsiveness and decision-making capabilities of these systems.

It is envisaged that past mistakes would serve as a roadmap for the development of robotic security guards as their use develops. Building solid solutions that prioritize public safety, smoothly integrate with current security infrastructure, and produce trustworthy outcomes should be the main goal. These two-wheeled sentinels have the potential to play a crucial role in future security operations, assisting human guards and boosting everyone’s safety and protection with cautious deployment and continued improvement.


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