This Truck-Sized Spade Can Transplant A Whole Tree

huge spade for replanting trees elsewhere

In any major development work, many trees have to be sacrificed to make way for the bridges and roads. In many cases, the trees are quite old and part of the natural heritage of the area and people don’t want them to be struck down. With this monster spade from M/S Dutchman, we can now dig up and carry the entire trees, soil and all, and transport them to another area for re-potting. The whole process is done in a single cut down to the bottom of the roots of the tree. The entire slab of land plus the tree is then scooped up by the powerful machine. The blades are made from abrasion resistant  (AR)400 grade steel which lasts four times as long as high-strength structural plates.

One of their machines the 100″ curved blade truck spade can remove trees that have a diameter of twelve inches and a weight of 21,500 lbs.  Here is the handy machine uprooting some trees:

This is not the only tree digging giant spade that we know about. Holmac makes one and there are also other companies that sell it as an attachment. The aspect in which Dutchman is different from other diggers is that its lifting capability is at least twice than its closest competitors even if the smallest Dutchman model is compared against the largest rival! The truck is also very large and can accommodate taller and wider trees on its inside. Dutchman wants to maintain their machine’s superiority among these tree diggers and always come up with the money’s worth!

huge spade for replanting trees elsewhere2 huge spade for replanting trees elsewhere

Now no precious tree will be lost to development projects!

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