These Self-Cleaning Clothes Clean Themselves When Exposed to Sunlight

these clothes are self-cleaning2

The whole laundry process could be reduced to a few moments in the Sunlight as this new fabric nanotechnology can achieve just that within a matter of minutes. Researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have reportedly woven a new cotton fabric and treated it with nano-particles that clean the textiles on their own when exposed to sunlight. The nano-material had been in use for some time, but the clothes present a special use for it since they already have a microscopic 3-D structure and are good at absorbing light.

The Copper and Silver based nano-structures are the main driving force in this cleansing action. When bathed in Ultraviolet light, these nanoparticles release “hot electrons” that bind with the organic matter and degrade it to beyond recognition. One question that we might ask ourselves is that human body itself is composed of organic matter. What will the effect of these clothes have on the human body while worn in the Sun itself? We don’t know much about that! Apart from the concern, this seemingly dangerous fabric is ready to hit the market.

these clothes are self-cleaning

Now the team is working on finding the best way possible to attach the nanoparticles into the fabric in a way that is industrially viable and acceptable. We don’t want weird fashion designers fussing over it just because they don’t agree with its texture or spotting. It is free laundry man!

The previous attempt at self-cleaning clothes hasn’t particularly been effective as the hydrophobic materials degrade at a rapid rate, thus limiting the self-cleaning ability of the clothes. This is not just a smart new idea. It can potentially pave the way for saving millions of tonnes of precious water supply throughout the world.

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