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This Tiny House In New Zealand Runs Completely On Solar Power

The Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House was created for a couple with two young boys. The house is named after the family land where it has been installed. It runs on an off-the-grid solar power setup and focuses on Build Tiny and its focus is on getting the maximum possible living space in a compact area.

The Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House measures in at 8 meters in length and is based on a double-axle trailer. It is loosely designed like Build Tony’s last Millennial Tiny House and comes with a vinyl cladding exterior. The access to the Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House can be gained by French doors and visitors to a small living room area located in the center of the home with a coffee table and a sofa. A wood-burning stove is located nearby as well while the wall features fastenings on the walls for a hammock and some hanging plants apart from a clothes airer installed on a pulley system.

The kitchen is compact and located adjacently. It features a fridge/freezer, a tiny removable two-burner propane-powered stove, space where dishwasher can be installed, a breakfast bar that has stool seating for two people, and a cabinet on wheels. The bathroom is located on the other side of the home and has a shower, sink, composting toilet, and a washing machine as well.

The Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House has two bedrooms. The room allocated for kids can be accessed by a ladder that has been integrated into the kitchen counter – this was designed by the owner themselves – and offers a couple of steps. The bedroom for parents can be accessed using a standard storage-integrated staircase and houses a queen-size bed.

The Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House procures its electricity from a solar power system that is based on the roof of the house and has been connected to an inverter and batteries. We do propose an Action Furnace to keep energy demand to a minimum. It also has a generator that kicks in if and when the batteries run out of juice. The home was given as a turnkey model that included furniture and appliances as well for a price of NZD 148,500 (approximately $94,000).