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Check Out This Amazing House Created Completely From Shipping Containers

Building a home by conventional means and methods is so boring, right? We’ve covered quite a number of amazingly built homes that have been built using materials that are quite non-conventional. Check out this amazing house in Denver, Colorado that has been built by reclaiming shipping containers.

It has been created by reclamation of shipping containers and looks quite modernly sleek. Hard to guess though, right?

It features a backyard, two stories and an area of 2,192 square feet.

It also sports a balcony.

The interior remodeling was carried out to furnish a home that is clean, spacious, makes use of natural light and is modern.

Once you step inside, you will even forget that this was once a shipping container!

It has been furnished using EnergyStar appliances and features closed-cell insulation. The containers are durable already and therefore, the repairs required by the house will be minimal.

It has a total of three bedrooms, two and a half bath, a two-car garage and an office.

It provides you with a view of Denver Skyline and the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

It even has a rooftop deck, that is amazing!

It was designed and built by LoHi Container.