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This Tiny Home Can Be Constructed In Only $1,000

While luxury homes are all well and good, a tiny house is the best way to build your own home without incurring a back-breaking mortgage. Pin-Up Houses in the Czech Republic, with this in mind, is selling plans for a tiny house – called Magenta – at a nominal price. According to Pin-Up Houses, such homes will cost about $10,000 per house.

The Magenta is quite small, even when you think of a tiny house. It measures in at a length of 11.2 ft and a width of 6.2 ft. To give you a bit of a perspective, the pint-sized French models such as La Tête dans les étoiles are double the length and width of a Magenta. The US tiny house is significantly larger still from both of them!

Pin-Up Houses has said that the materials used for the tiny model cost approximately $2,100 while the labor costs are $7,900. The cost will vary, of course, depending upon where you are living. You will have to source the materials since Pin-Up Houses is only providing the build plans for Magenta – $129 for each plan. The advantage that you get right away is the fact that you don’t have to opt for the color choice that has been made for the demonstration model and will be able to select your own color scheme.

Some corners had to be cut with such an inexpensive model. The model, however, is highly utilitarian and features a waterproof plywood exterior, polystyrene insulation, and spruce beams. There is no word on R-values, however; we suspect that it is not intended for areas with harsh weather.

It offers a dwelling space of 70 sq. ft. Living area takes the most of this space. The living area inside Magenta is simple and comes with a wood-burning stove, sofa bed, small chairs, and a table. The Magenta also has a kitchenette with a. sink and water tank hooked up and also features a tiny camping stove.  The bathroom doesn’t have a shower.

The Magenta procures its power using a standard RV-style hookup. Check out the video below for more detail on Magenta.