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This Hotel In China Will Be Made Completely Out Of Bamboo And Rope

As kids, most of us fantasized about owning a tree-house in the woods where we can play and have some get-togethers. So how do you build a treehouse? Hammers, nails/ screws, and planks of wood, right? Well, a firm has just designed a treehouse that would only need rods of bamboo and rope. Amazing, right?

Penda, an architectural firm in Beijing, won second place at the A’Design Awards in the architecture category. Penda has built a prototypical version of the modular bamboo system. They named it “Rising Canes” after the bamboo sticks stacked in layers to form an eco-friendly hotel.

By 2023, the team plans to expand the system outside Beijing and build a larger model that can accommodate about 20,000 inhabitants. Have a look at this hotel in these images below.

The treehouse would use recycled local bamboo to have a very little environmental impact on the site. (Image Credits: Penda)


Penda connects the bamboo rods with ropes rather than nails to form the joints. Eight rods make up a “knot,” a series of these knots would be used to create walls of bamboo. (Image Credits: Penda)


The floors would be made by placing rods side-by-side. It’s a modular system; new layers could be built and added to the older structures. (Image Credits: Penda)


As more layers of bamboo are added, a treehouse would be formed. (Image Credits: Penda)


The treehouse would feature small residence areas for families. Each story would be about 13 feet high. (Image Credits: Penda)


Local plants would also grow on the structure. (Image Credits: Penda)


As opposed to most buildings, the treehouse’s design allows plants to grow naturally on it. For every culm of bamboo taken for construction, the team would plant two more. (Image Credits: Penda)


“This feeling of leaving city life behind and getting connected to nature was the driving force” – says the design team. (Image Credits: Penda)


About 20 families would be able to live in the first completed building that is expected to be completed in a few years. By 2023, the team hopes to expand the structure to a sprawling 250-acre complex. (Image Credits: Penda)

Who wouldn’t want to live in this beautiful complex of tree houses that bring you closer to nature while preserving the ecosystem as well! Watch this video about “Rising Canes” and let us know about your views!