This Tesla SpaceX Hypercar Has Massive SpaceX Rocket Boosters – And It Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Elon Musk has talked extensively about the second-generation Tesla Roadster over the past five years, but it is still far off from going into production. However, despite the delayed release of the Roadster, a talented designer has envisaged what a Tesla hypercar might ultimately look like.

The Tesla SpaceX Model R was conceived by German designer Maximilian Schneider, who has experience with companies like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and HiPhi. Schneider also just started the Design to the Max YouTube channel. The insane hypercar goes beyond Musk’s promise that the Roadster might be outfitted with rocket boosters.

The first point to address is the design. The Tesla SpaceX Model R bears little resemblance to the Roadster and hence appears even wilder. It’s more of a prototype racer than a regular street car, with LED headlights perfectly integrated into the bulging front wheel arches.

The glass cockpit is located relatively far forward in the automobile, and the aerodynamic wheel covers are equally striking. Massive aerodynamic fins on the rear quarter panels continue the SpaceX Model R’s unconventional bodywork and form.

Schneider’s ultimate Tesla hypercar would have a liquid-hydrogen rocket system in addition to an electric motor, giving it a total of 2,600 horsepower and a top speed of 467 km/h (290 mph), and 2,950 horsepower for the race-focused version with a top speed of 526 km/h (327 mph).

The SpaceX Model R might be powerful in directions other than straight lines. Each tyre would be separately pushed downward by the rocket boosters above each axis, resulting in cornering pressures of up to 4Gs.

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