This New Manicure Robot Is Threatening Multibillion-Dollar Nail Salons


Robotics is changing every aspect of our lives, including how ladies get their nails done.

The company that developed the first manicure robot, Clockwork, recently announced a partnership with Target to install its robots at six sites across the United States, including stores in Texas, California, and Minnesota.

The first manicure robot of its sort uses AI and 3D technology to determine the length and shape of the user’s nails. Then, the bot can paint them in less than 10 minutes as if that weren’t cool enough already.

According to former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO and retail consultant Jerry Storch, the agreement benefits both Target and its customers. Storch told Yahoo Finance that to increase store traffic and flourish; merchants must place a greater emphasis on the customer experience.

“The more fun added to the store environment, the better it is.”Storch said. “I applaud Target for doing it. This is something clever and fun.”

According to the Boston Consulting Group, all professional services robots, including manicure bots, will increase dramatically in the next years, with a market value of $170 billion by 2030. Retailers, on the other hand, are beginning to incorporate robotics and artificial intelligence into their storefronts.

Other retailers are also interested in Clockwork’s AI-powered robots besides Target. According to Clockwork CEO Renuka Apte, there is a “very strong” demand for the device, with inquiries coming from all over the world.

“We’re pushing tens of thousands of partnership requests at this point,” Apte said. “Most of the contracts we’re signing today are for next year… We are backed up due to very strong demand.” Apte wouldn’t disclose the cost of the manicure bots.

“From dentists to retail — everyone is saying this makes sense in our location,” Apt added. “Our rule of thumb has always been to be where people already are and where they spend most of their time.”


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