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This Tech Ring Helps You Sleep More Comfortably At Night

Oura ring

Sleep monitors are useful and getting more sophisticated with time, but not many of them possess the aesthetic looks required for the job. Many are simply too clumsy, and they cannot be worn without disturbing the entire sleep cycle. Attempts have been made at incorporating this technology in a wristwatch. But the wristwatch also has its limitations as people consider it as a hindrance while sleeping. So what is the only thing you can wear without disturbing your sleep? A ring of course!

Oura is the first ring-based wellness jewellery made with technology incorporated inside that includes a sleep and activity monitor. It is completely unobtrusive for the human body, and it allows the gadget to effectively function as hands are at the epicenter of movement and work.

The device wasn’t made in a fortnight as the Finnish scientists explain that what we see over here is based on a three-decade research done by Finland’s leading wellness technology companies. It helps monitor your sleep pattern, activity, relaxation and recovery using a stand-alone computer to do all the calculations. Previously, such a device would have had several computing devices to work.

The ring is made of Zirconium Ceramic that the company claims stronger and lighter than steel. It has a laboratory style sleep and heart-rate monitor along with high-quality pulse oximeters to measure the blood volume pulse. It has sufficient battery to last three days, and a single charge can be achieved within 30-60 minutes. The presentation box of the ring is also a charger. How romantic!

It is a stand-alone gadget that can operate on its own, but it can be connected via an app to Android or iOS systems. The memory of the ring is a little less considering the large amounts of data stored in it. So, it streams the information directly to the nearby phone whenever it has the chance to do so. The device gives out good suggestions on how to improve the sleep cycle and maintain optimum body performance.

The device was designed to make it wearable at all times during the day and night, thus making the data collection efficient. The unique nature of the human physiology especially that of the hand can help you understand more about yourself and discover any irregularities in basic body functions and rectify them. This insight provided from the gadget is both useful and necessary since our sleeping patterns are getting affected more and more due to the nature of work, etc.

The Oura ring is available from 250 $ from sizes 6 to 13 and a choice of four colors. It can be pre-ordered by the end of July and delivery is expected to start by October.