10 Best Sleep Bands That Track And Improve Your Sleep

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (2)

Sleep and fitness trackers have become popular over the course of the past few years. As people become more aware of their health, they want to keep track of their daily habits. Sleep is one of the crucial elements of your health and with the help of our list you can buy the right device that can help you improve your sleep patterns.

10. Sharper Image Sleep Improving Wrist Band (69.99$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (1)

This is not a sleep tracking device per say. Rather this gadget is based on the techniques of Chinese acupuncture & stimulates three points on the wrist that induce the body in producing sleep hormones. This device is ideal for people struggling with insomnia or someone who travels a lot & wants to avoid jet lag.

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9. Skechers Go Walk Activity Tracker(35$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (9)

This fitness/sleep tracker has a battery life of 168 hours and memory of 12 days to store data. Though manufacturer has promised a host of features, consumers have complained about durability & a problematic UI on the smartphone.

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8. Long Run Technologies Smart Band(39.97$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (8)

This Band is a fitness tracker combined with sleep analysis capabilities. By monitoring your movements, it determines how well you slept, and even has a silent alarm that wakes you up at the desired time.

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7. BODYFIT Activity Tracker & Sleep Monitor(9.99$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (2)

This activity tracker monitors the time you were asleep and on how many occasions you were woken up. The band is fitted with a Bluetooth module that quickly syncs with your smartphone giving you complete access.

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6. AVANTEK Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker (39.99$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (10)

The sleep tracker monitors your sleep quality and specifically looks for REM sleep patterns. Since it is predominantly a fitness tracker it has all the functions to monitor heart rate and your overall activity in the day by calculating the total calories burned.

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5. Misfit Wearables Shine 2(99.99$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (7)

The fitness tracker calculates total distance traveled, steps taken & has automatic monitoring of sleep patterns. It even informs the user if he/she does not get enough sleep or goes through sufficient time of deep sleep.

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4. OUMAX™ FIT T3(38$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (4)

A lightweight and durable fitness tracker that monitors sleep via movements. All touch display has an easy to understand UI and it connects to your smartphone while simultaneously giving you notifications.

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3. Pivotal Living Band – Activity + Sleep Tracker (15$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (6)

This activity tracker provides the best value for money. At just 15$ you get a device that has week long battery and tracks your movements during sleep along with quality & time. A useful device at a very low cost.

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2. UP MOVE by Jawbone (29.88$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (5)

Jawbone has one of the best collections of activity trackers and sleep monitoring devices. Their devices provide the best data and by our experiences are comparatively more accurate in determining sleep patterns. The UI of the app is easy to interact & fun to learn.

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1. Fitbit Surge(229.32$)

10 Best Sleep monitoring devices (3)

This is the premium quality fitness monitor from Fitbit. Over last few years Fitbit has become a household name in such devices and their most complete product up till date is one of the finest buys for a fitness junkie. From monitoring quality, time and movements during sleep to watching & recording your heart rates this device does all. On top of that, the device has excellent durability with many satisfied customers.

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