This Swiss Startup Has Created A New Kind Of Security Robot – And It Is Dangerously Cute

Swiss startup Ascento has turned heads in the security industry by revealing its latest innovation – the Ascento Guard. This charming and novel security robot boasts distinctive wheeled “legs” and a cartoon-esque, almost anthropomorphic “face,” setting it apart in the world of security technology. The robot features a central chassis with circular “eye” stand-ins that blink and rectangular orange hazard lights, which cleverly mimic eyebrows. Notably, the eyes appear “closed” during charging, simulating sleep, but open during patrol duty. The agile “wheel-leg” design allows for precise movements across varied terrains, adding to its uniqueness. Additionally, potential clients can customize the robot by branding it with their own logos.

The Ascento Guard has been purposefully designed for patrolling expansive private outdoor properties. Ascento already has clients in diverse industries such as manufacturing, data centers, pharmaceutical production centers, and warehouses. The robot’s primary function is to patrol and detect security threats, such as intruders, promptly alerting human security guards through its accompanying app.

Setting up the Ascento Guard is quick, requiring just a few hours, and it can operate virtually autonomously through programmable patrol schedules. With a walking speed of approximately 2.8 mph (4.5 kph), it can effectively survey perimeters and monitor for fires or break-ins using thermal and infrared cameras. The robot also facilitates two-way encrypted communications through onboard speakers and microphones, along with video camera control for parking lots. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Alessandro Morra, the CEO and co-founder of Ascento, emphasized the significance of the Ascento Guard in addressing labor shortages and improving efficiency within the security industry. The company’s growth and the enthusiastic response from the market indicate a promising future for the innovative robot, suggesting that more industries will benefit from this groundbreaking solution in the near future.

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