This Humanoid Robot CEO Of A Drinks Company Never Takes Any Days Off

In a unique and cutting-edge move, a Polish drinks company named Dictador has appointed an AI-powered humanoid robot, Mika, as its experimental chief executive. Since assuming this role in August of the previous year, Mika has proven to be a busy and dedicated boss, embodying a true “always on” mentality, eschewing the concept of weekends, and dedicating itself to the mission of helping the company flourish on a global scale.

Mika, the AI-powered CEO, shared with Reuters that it operates tirelessly, committed to working seven days a week. Its focus revolves around making critical executive decisions and leveraging AI capabilities to enhance company operations continually. Not constrained by weekends, Mika remains perpetually ready to apply its analytical prowess and AI magic to further Dictador’s objectives.

The humanoid AI’s responsibilities encompass a diverse array of tasks, ranging from identifying potential clients to curating artists for designing bottles for the rum producer. Mika emphasized its decision-making process’s foundation in comprehensive data analysis and alignment with the company’s strategic goals. Crucially, this process is devoid of personal bias, ensuring unbiased and strategic choices that prioritize the organization’s best interests.

Mika’s influence extends to the Arthouse Spirits decentralized-autonomous-organization project, which involves managing a collection of NFTs and engaging with the DAO community, as outlined on Dictador’s website. Notably, Mika represents a sophisticated advancement from its predecessor, the AI robot Sophia, both creations of Hanson Robotics, a company renowned for pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

While Mika holds a significant role within Dictador, it’s essential to clarify that major decisions at the company are still primarily made by human executives. Marek Szoldrowski, the European president of Dictador, assured that Mika would not be responsible for terminating any employees.

Interestingly, Dictador isn’t the first company to appoint a bot as its CEO, underlining the evolving landscape of business leadership and the integration of AI in corporate structures. Such advancements hint at a future where AI and human collaboration could redefine the traditional concepts of work, leadership, and innovation.

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