A Superyacht Reportedly Used Energy Weapons To Defeat Pirates In The Arabian Sea

Cruising on a superyacht is a dream for many. But some unpleasant surprises, at times, make the insiders feel a bit uncomfortable. A piece of shocking and unbelievable news has recently been revealed by a superyacht insider that has left the public stunned and amused at the same time. The superyacht insider claims that pirates made an effort to assault a yacht amid the Arabian Sea, to which the captain responded by deploying the “energy weapon,” which is a “pain-inducing beacon,” to throw pirates off balance.

Bond villain-esque superyacht 'defeats pirates with onboard sonic energy  weapons'

Unlike the hijackers on an airplane, the pirates on a yacht can be countered by special weapon systems installed on it, known as the yacht defense mechanism. According to the insider, there were Kalashnikov guns with the pirates on our 70-meter long superyacht, which the captain came up against with an arsenal by targeting them via an energy weapon. He reiterated his experience in the following words: “I’ll never forget one captain’s wide-eyed horror as he recounted how he had to deploy a 70-meter yacht’s arsenal of onboard security (think sonic weapons that deliver ear-splitting, high-volume acoustics and “pain rays” that transmit a narrow beam of electromagnetic energy to heat the skin and cause an unbearable burning sensation) to try to evade Kalashnikov-wielding through”.

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The mechanism behind energy weapons is that they consist of electromagnetic waves, and when someone throws these energy waves at a target (preferably a human), they tend to heat the skin and bring on a burning sensation. The insider said, “Any optimal protective technology can be found on a yacht.” Also, the pirates were equipped with Kalashnikov guns, which automatically made the whole encounter a bit frightening for the people inside it. Moreover, such types of superyachts cost an arm and a leg, with a pricing range of hundreds of millions of dollars. That is why the owners of these yachts always have protective equipment installed on them to sustain any attack because yachts are a bit on the expensive side. We can also expect the presence of security guards besides the arsenal equipment on board because safety is always the priority.

Eclipse, the private luxury yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, anchors at Cruise Port in Marmaris district of Mugla, Turkiye on March 22, 2022.

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