This Spring-Loaded ADcase Protects Your iPhone From Breaking


All of us are more familiar with dropping our smartphones than we would like to be. Looking at the spiderweb pattern of the broken phone screen is just heartbreaking. That is what the spring-loaded ADcase is here to prevent and pretty soon, you can even get your hands on one.

(Source: New Atlas)

Philip Frenzel, a 25-year-old mechatronics master’s student at Germany’s Aalen University is responsible for the ingenious invention, which won the first place in Germany’s nationwide Mechatronics Prize 2018.  It looks like a normal phone case for an iPhone.

It works with iPhone models 6 and up, protruding only 4.9 mm from the back of the phone. It is equipped with sensors that detect when the phone is in free-fall. Pairs of metal-spring curled dampers are automatically triggered and pop out from each corner of the case to cushion the phone’s landing.

(Source: PhoneWorld)

The AD in the ADcase stands for Active Damping. The award-winning student has now partnered up with Aalen economics grad Peter Mayer and has founded a startup to develop the technology commercially. A Kickstarter campaign is expected to be launched next month in order to raise funds.

You can check out the case in action in the video below:


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