Facebook And Instagram Are Testing a “Do Not Disturb” Feature In Their App

do not disturb facebook instagram

Facebook and Instagram are testing a “Do Not Disturb” feature in their apps which will allow the users to shut off notifications from the apps for 30 minutes, one hour, one day or for an indefinite time until the user turns it back on. Matt Nevarra spotted the Do Not Disturb features on Facebook and Instagram.

Both Instagram and Facebook are thinking to allow the users to turn off sound or vibration for its notifications. Both of these apps have embedded the Do Not Disturb features embedded in their code and it is expected that they might go into testing soon. The feature is coming one month after Google and Apple have announced that their OS will soon provide the Do Not Disturb option.

In May, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said, “We’re building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional.” Instagram has also announced a “You’re All Caught Up” feature. Once a user has scrolled their feedback and has seen every post from the last two days, a notification message arrives saying that you have seen the posts from last two days. You can scroll past that message to see older posts which you have already viewed. Instagram said, “We’ve heard that it can be difficult to keep track of your seen posts, with this message, you’ll have a better understanding of your feed and know you haven’t missed recent photos or videos.”

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