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This Spiralling Treehouse Is Straight Out Of A Dream

So instead of making a treehouse at the top and hanging a rope ladder, why not make one that follows it to the top? This unusual yet amazing design from Kazakh Architect Aibek Almasov was probably a treehouse lover in his childhood days, and now has come up with an exquisite structure to showcase his rare talent. It is indeed one of the most incredible treehouses I have ever seen.

According to a news piece from Visual News, Almasov wanted to build the treehouse around a tree instead of the traditional approach, but I have got to say that even though the new design is amazing, it will have reduced the ability of the tree to harness sunlight and thus, much of its energy. The house has a cylindrical structure that extends all the way to the topmost part of the trunk. The walls are glass so it provides different 360-degree views from each floor which must be a rare sight!

The house is also green energy-wise and uses solar energy and geothermal heating/cooling for the insides. It was built by a local businessman at a cost of 240,000 $. Here are a few more amazing pics of the treehouse:

Source: Caters News Agency