This Special Gun Launches A Mask Right At Your Face

A face mask is an essential tool for slowing the spread of coronavirus, yet people are struggling to gain acceptance to wear them. The concept of a mask is risk reduction and prevention as not wearing them can cause an absolute danger to the rest of society. However, people somehow feel uncomfortable wearing them.

After being disappointed with people’s attitude, Allen Pan invented a fantastic product that would surely attract people’s attention and make his point valid about the importance of wearing masks. That excellent product Allen created was nothing else but a mask launcher.

While explaining about his product in a video, Pan said, “It feels like people just aren’t wearing masks, and they shouldn’t be! So what are we going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? Well, I could make a fun educational video about how safe and effective masks are like a flamethrower on the mouth and a mask. No! Some so many smart people have made good videos. If that worked, it would have worked by now.”

Keeping this situation in mind, Pan decided to work on an exciting invention that can’t be ignored. He invented a gun for the face. After pulling a trigger from the gun, a mask fires towards the face resulting in the mask just being put up in the right place.

To check the speed and accuracy to put the mask on the right position, he made his first few attempts with the gun on dummies. Later he proceeded and tried it on himself. To his surprise, the gun worked just as he expected, and this is how he succeeded.

His amazing new mask launcher is made of a pneumatic system powered by a compact CO2 canister linked to a solenoid and fired by a trigger. It further displays a special mask having a weighted magnet connected at the end of the mask’s string making it extremely unique, safe, and comfortable.

The device shoots the mask towards the face of the target, the magnets attached to it wraps around the back of the neck in a blink of an eye, beautifully sticking them together.

It is quite an astonishing invention and makes a point about wearing a mask. Now let’s be honest here, we don’t see anyone rushing to use the device in real-time soon, but still, this is an amazing invention.

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