This Smart Showerhead Makes Your Shower A Game And Helps You Save Water

Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water

Did you know how much water we use and waste while taking showers? According to a study carried out by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average shower takes about 8 minutes and utilizes 18 gallons of water, which amounts up to more than one trillion gallons per year, only in the US. A number of methods have aimed at reducing the water usage and wastage during taking a shower and the latest one is Eva Bluetooth Showerhead that claims to cut down water consumption by half.Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water7

The gadget is installed with a companion app that monitors your water usage, compares score with other users and will keep you motivated to keep saving water in the long run. The developers claim that the device will pay for its cost within a year. Eva works by tackling three user habits that allow for water waste and excessive water consumption; allowing the water to run until the right temperature has been achieved, letting the water run even when we’re away from the water jet and taking longer showers when a shorter one would do the job. The app tracks the ‘shower-stats’ and will help you do better each time.Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water6 Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water5 Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water4

When water starts running, Eva monitors the temperature and the showerhead will notify the user when the required level is achieved. It will then shut down the water flow, resuming only when the user’s presence has been detected. Once the user enters the range, the water jet’s intensity will depend on where the user is standing from the showerhead. This allows preserving water by not letting the shower run at full speed even when the user steps away temporarily. Eva will also notify you if you’re taking too long in the shower.

Users will be able to change different settings pertaining to water temperature, shower length, water flow etc from the companion app. According to the team, for a family of four, the device will pay for itself in about a year. The gadget uses the standard 0.5-inch showerhead connections, and supposedly it will work for most of the showers. However, the creators suggest sending them pictures of the shower piping at your place in case you have doubts.Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water2 Eva Smart showerhead – Save Water3

Fundraising is being carried out at Indiegogo and you can get your Eva showerhead for a pledge of $109. If all goes according to the plan, these showerheads will be delivered by December 2015.


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