This Smart Indoor Planter Lets You Enjoy Gardening Indoors


Our cluttered flats and busy city lives leave little time or energy for enjoying nature. This usually means a life away from nature which can be very frustrating. Bloomengine comes to the rescue in such a scenario. It’s the easiest way of making living spaces greener. Keeping in view of the busy lifestyles of today, Bloomingview offers a simple and easy way of growing indoor plants with the help of innovative technology.

source: Bloomengine/Kickstarter

Bloomengine helps make growing plants an enjoyable activity without mess or significant input of time and energy. It is a sort of mini greenhouse that creates just the right growing conditions for plants. One just has to sow the seed into the compressed soil area and get ready for growth.


No mess gardening with Bloomengine

The soil is designed to provide the right amount of nutrients to the seed as it grows. The device also waters the seed periodically from its month storage bank. One only has to turn on the device and the water pump will deliver the exact amount of water to your plant.

One only has to notify the water pump via the app the number days the plant will be on its own. Bloomengine manages the rest. As for light, an inbuilt LED system provides the right amount of light to the plant. This results in an almost automated way of growing new plants.

The best part is Bloomengine’s inbuilt HD camera which will capture your plant’s journey as it grows, providing amazing videos to watch later.


Bloomengine is available on Kickstarter for $129.


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