Night Loo Is A Portable Toilet That Protects Women From Sexual Assault

NightLoo is an innovative product that could potentially save thousands of women living in refugee camps. It removes the need to use a shared bathroom, thereby reducing the chance of sexual attack.

This one of a kind product depends on a highly effective absorbent that can soak up liquid and odor in less than thirty seconds.

Night Loo is designed to lower the probability of sexual assault of women in refugee Camps Source:

NightLoo’s designer¬†Anna Meddaugh was inspired by the experience of women and girls who are sexually assaulted in refugee camps when using the toilet at night. Anna, who went back to school to study product design after working in Public Health, wanted a design that would be low cost, portable and accessible to women in refugee camps. She initially started off with a design that involved a bottle with an absorbent. However, she found the bottle design to be difficult to clean and not very easy to store or transport.

Her final design is a silicone napkin that the user folds into a box shape. The box can be closed using its flaps after usage and the super-absorbent polymer can be added t the box after use which turns the liquid to powder in just seconds. The powder eliminates odors and reduces the occurrence of spills.


The Product is simple and clean to use and store and can be easily shipped off to distant locations.

NightLoo is easy to use and portable.
Source: Night Loo


NightLoo’s innovative design and low cost makes it a viable alternative to shared bathrooms in refugee camps and could significantly improve the quality of life for women in such camps.

The designer is seeking partners to make the concept a reality and begin manufacturing the product which could be distributed in refugee camps around the world and potentially save many women from assault.

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