This Smart Desk Notifies You When You Have Been Sitting Down Too Long

Smart Desk - MrBrightLight 3

We are sure you have read a lot about standing desks and how they are the next big thing when it comes to working as well as keeping yourself physically healthy. The latest one in this family is known as MrBrightLight – a desk that can transform from a sitting desk to a standing desk with a single hand gesture. It is also able to determine how long you have remained seated for.Smart Desk - MrBrightLight 2

The idea took shape from the fact that many times a user forgets how long they have been seated or have been standing up and that is where this amazing desk plays a vital role. It ascertains the time period for which you have been standing or sitting via an app for smartphones and smartwatches (currently only compatible with iOS). The sensor that has been embedded on top surface can detect your hand over it and it transforms the desk from one position into another.

The app tells the user how many calories have been burnt while standing up and users can even set their own goals and brag about them on Facebook. The desk can also monitor the temperature, oxygen levels and humidity while sending notifications to the user via the app.Smart Desk - MrBrightLight 3

The table managed to get this peculiar name owing to the LED light that runs along the desk’s edges. This light can change color according to user’s mood or can also be used to let others know when you’re busy and shouldn’t be disturbed (red) and when you are taking a break and are free (green). The desk comes with a wireless charger that has been incorporated on top of it to allow for charging devices placed on the surface. Users can opt for a battery embedded desk too – the battery can provide 12 hours on a charge.Smart Desk - MrBrightLight

If you order the complete package with all of the fixings and fittings, it will cost you $3,413. Do you think this high price is justified by all the features being offered by the desk?


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