This Smart Carpet Can Track Your Movements And Help In Optimizing Them

The advent of technology has introduced smart features in the everyday use of objects. Let it be a mug, mirror, or glass, almost every object around us has been transformed into a subject of smart technology or has the potential for it. Like this, scientists at MIT have developed a carpet comprising of smart features. This carpet has a myriad of applications and is said to be circulated soon in the market.

The smart carpet introduced has the ability to predict the movement of a person with precision. The technology embedded in it can prove to be useful for people who exercise avidly, are old and need to monitor their falls and trips, along with the ones that are interested in gaming and Virtual Reality enthusiasts.

The size of this innovative smart carpet is around 3.3 meters square with 9000 sensors fit inside. When the movement is made on the carpet, the pressure is recorded in the form of electrical signals. The experimentation on the carpet was done by monitoring movements like walking, sit-ups, push-ups, siting, yoga, rolling and tiptoeing. The records of these movements were then used on a person’s model to estimate the accurate movements recorded earlier. The carpet exhibited features that could even discern the movements made in the upper body. The accuracy was commendable as well.

The accuracy of the results was recorded to be 97% and within the range of 10 cm. The carpet can identify the kind of movement, which is being done like lunges, keep a record of how many reps are done, and can even count the calories. It can aid in physiotherapy as well. This technology surpasses the tech used in cameras to record movement or trackers that can be worn. Moreover, it is more economical than other options as it can be developed for under 100 dollars.

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