This Small Chip Is Actually A Computer And Costs Only 9$


So Otto is back with a bang. The company had offered us the first GIF capturing camera has now come up with a cheap 9$ computer in the form of a CHIP. The device is so small that it can fit into a post-it note. Despite the size, there are a lot of nifty features and ports for good working.

The CHIP comes with a one Giga processor,  four gigabytes of storage and 512 MB RAM. It isn’t powerful enough to do a lot, but considering the price and the extreme portability it offers to you, the Otto might have created a new genre of computing devices. The company is also offering a PocketCHIP that is coupled with a CHIP to create an interacting user platform complete with touch screen and keyboard. The CHIP itself has a built-in micro USB port, a composite headset port, wi-fi, Bluetooth and a VGA. These are a lot of features considering the device is a mere 2.3 x 1.5 inches in all.


It comes with a pre-installed Debian based LINUX operating system, and it is classified as ready to use. There are plenty of pre-installed applications and games that you can use. Keeping in mind the portability, you can use it in any way you like. You can use it as a smartphone with the help of PocketCHIP or use it as a desktop computer by connecting with a Screen and plugging in a keyboard or even play video games with the help of the Bluetooth connection.


The pocketCHIP appears like an old Gameboy advance having a 4.3-inch touch screen and 3.0 mAH battery enough for a five-hour experience. Overall, the usage is good, and it can fulfill the project requirements of high schoolers and even university students up to some extent. The project is currently looking for funding via Kickstarter, and an initial pledge of 9$ will be able to get your hands on the CHIP only. The accessories and other extras will amount to 49 $. Considering the number of confirmed orders, early bidders would be able to get their hands on CHIP by December this year.

Do check out this promotional video from Otto:



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