This Skateboard Made With Lego Bricks Is Simply Mind Boggling


Remember the military aircraft carrier made out of 250,000 Lego bricks? The YouTuber Peter Brown took playing with the Lego bricks and building models to another level with his latest creation.




Brown designed a skateboard using Lego bricks. The board is fully functional with trucks and wheels to support the skateboarder riding it. You can watch the making of the Lego skateboard in the video below:



Brown used several Lego baseplates, around 250 Lego bricks, and a few ounces of resin to design his skateboard.

Once he was done with cutting down the Lego plates, plaster them with epoxy, mould the deck upwards, and sanding them into shape, the skateboard was put to the test. You can watch Braille Skateboarding showing off his skills on the Lego skateboard in the video below:



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