Here Is How You Can Use A Broken Lighter To Start A Campfire


Are you planning to go camping? One of the gadgets you must have packed along is the lighter to get a campfire going! However, some risks associated with a cheap lighter include running out of fuel or breaking its packaging. The good news is that even if your lighter is broken, it can still be used to ignite a campfire!


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The YouTuber Grant Thompson has filmed a video that will teach you how to get a roaring campfire going using a broken lighter. You can watch the complete tutorial below:



Roll the striking wheel of the lighter slowly along a flat surface or a stick. Ensure that you hold the lighter sideways as you move it. Go very slowly to avoid sparking and rub it repeatedly (approximately 50 times).


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The continuous rubbing will allow the ferrocerium powder to accumulate in the cap of the lighter. Put the powder onto the firewood and set it ablaze by sparking the lighter.

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