This ‘Silent Man’ Has Been Blocking Traffic At The Same Spot For Seven Years – No One Knows Why

Sometimes the events occurring around us make us realize how this world is a peculiar place, filled with humans who have their own stories and logic to do things. More often than not, it is highly unlikely to understand the motives behind the actions of people.

A similar case is that of an Englishman who has been standing in the way of traffic for seven years. He is being called the ‘Silent Man’. He does not utter a single word and only stands in the middle of the traffic. This action has caused several traffic jams on the roads of Swansea, as reported by Metro UK.

David Hampson, 51, who regularly stands on De La Beche Street, near Swansea Central police station, blocking cars and not saying anything when arrested.

His name is David Hampson, and he has always been found at the exact same spot for the past 7 years. He is 51 years old, and nobody knows the motive behind his actions. In 2017, he was sentenced to three years. he refused to say anything in defense and in 2020, he blocked the road at the same spot outside the Swansea Central Police Station again. He will be facing criminal charges now.

He has not voiced his concern or the rationale behind doing the same thing every few months, so, nobody knows what exactly his motivation behind this is. However, the police have confirmed that he can talk but refuses to do so out of his own will. Moreover, he is not being described as a polite man.

He has been arrested and sent to jail nine times and every time, he refuses to explain himself. The Judge says that they want to help David Thompson, not punish him. He may be spending the rest of his life in prison or in some facility to address his problematic behavior and the issues lying beneath. However, they are not sure if he wants to be helped. His next hearing is on August 31st.

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