This Signage In Thailand Just Broke The Record For The Biggest Blue Screen Of Death

BSoD (2)

Blue screen of death maybe the scariest thing for a windows user. You might have seen a few in your life, but you couldn’t have seen the biggest one unless you were in front of the CentralFestival, a shopping mall in Pattaya, Thailand when the 50 foot tall, windows powered video signage died. 

Source: Blake Sibbitt

Blake Sibbitt the founder of BBKBESTLIFE  was in front of the Mall entrance when this happened. He posted the image to his Facebook account.

In 2008, the Nine Inch Nails performed in front of a very large blue screen of death. According to Trent Reznor this was done intentionally though. This time, the blue screen of death was 50 foot tall, but it wasn’t as cool as the Nine Inch Nails performance. The image was captured by Blake Sibbitt at a very appropriate moment with no sign of any other people even noticing it. This one does not seem like it was done for some kind of geeky advertisement.

Nine Inch Nails (August 2008) Source: Gizmodo

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