An Iceberg Did Not Sink The Titanic. Scientists Finally Find The Real Reason


The Titanic carrying more than 1,500 passengers en route from Southampton to New York sank in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean in the April of 1912.  All our lives we have been led to believe that the Titanic sank because of an Iceberg collision. But is that actually true?

New evidence has appeared that suggests that the root cause of the sinking of the Titanic was actually a coal fire.

Senan Molony, an Irish journalist has spent more than 30 years researching the sinking of the titanic. He studied photographs taken by the ship’s chief electrical engineers before the ship left Southampton. Molony found 30 foot long marks along the front right hand side of the hull.

A documentary called Titanic: The New Evidence broadcast on the New Year’s Day, presents Malony’s research. Previously, the experts did consider a fire as a cause of the accident in addition to hitting the iceberg, but Malony’s research suggests that the primary cause was actually the fire and not the iceberg. Experts claim that a fire burned for about three weeks in the ship’s hull leading to the collision with the iceberg.

The Titanic Leaving the Southampton Shipyard
Source: Daily Sabah

So guys, it is time we stop blaming that god damned iceberg for this unfortunate incident!


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