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This Self-Cleaning Underwear Can Be Worn For Months Without Getting Dirty

Hercleon underwear that automatically cleans itself of all germs

A company based in Minnesota has created the world’s cleanest underwear that is good to go for an indefinite period of time because of its self-clean ability. It is an innovative self-cleaning undergarment that promises to reduce your laundry works significantly.

The newly developed innovative undergarment doesn’t get smelly, and can support you secretly for several months without a single wash. I know this might sound ridiculous, but your general perspective over repetitively wearing an undergarment would change drastically once you experience it.

HercLéon is a material innovation group famous for creating the world’s first self-cleaning socks, t-shirts, and bedsheets are now taking on the world of underwear. Kribi is their line of self-cleaning undergarments that are created using material that fights bacteria.

Hercfiber is the revolutionary material that continuously destroys bacteria and cleans itself without requiring a wash. However, only one thing its user would have to take care of is to air it out for a while when not using. This would make it good to go for wearing the next day again and so on.

The material is made with a mix of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers. The copper stabilizes and heals the sensitive skin due to its anti-infection and anti-bacterial properties. Hence, when it is weaved into the underwear, it minimizes bacteria’s growth while eliminating the ones on the skin. Kribi’s developers mentioned that it is, however, susceptible to smell-causing bacteria. However, that smell doesn’t last the way it does on cotton or polyester.

HercLeon description of its new product states, “Kribi continuously destroys all bacteria and stay cleaner,” However, we do recommend letting them air out for few hours after a day of use. By the time you’ll pick them up the next day, they’ll smell as fresh as unworn underwear.”

The innovative idea came to the founder and creative director of Hercleon when on a trip to Iceland. The man packed a few underwear due to the limited space to store such stuff in his bag. He didn’t want to carry much luggage along, and as time passed, his undergarments started smelling bad despite washing them. It was then when his mind crossed the idea for a sustainable undergarments solution. After returning from the vacations, the curious man extensively researched different textiles and materials and why they smell bad. This landed him on solutions to produce undergarments using a material that escapes bad odor on its own.

The project’s main goal was to produce self-cleaning textile material that needs a minimum to zero amount of laundering. The new material would allow users to wear it for several days and even months without needing a wash. However, the tricky part is to get behind the idea of wearing an undergarment that isn’t washed for the longest time. This makes it that Kribi won’t just fail you if you are strong enough to accept that your unwashed underwear, in actuality, is clean as new.

“While the mass of people that see the products we create as gross, we see them as a necessary next step towards a cleaner future,” Wenceslaus Muenyi said. “Humans have survived on this planet for many years with habits that are not sustainable, and the only way we can move forward and be on this planet for another two thousand years is to be open-minded about how we live life and support products that support our survival as a species. So, we are happy to take the criticisms that come with pushing humanity towards a cleaner future because we know that this is a critical next step, and we’re excited to be the one that helps move us forward together.”

HercLeon started the Kribi self-cleaning underwear project last year on crowdfunded platform Indiegogo. It has quickly become the most funded underwear in the platform’s history and has raised over $150,000. HercLeon was set to start shipping these self-cleaning underwear to backers in July last year. However, there are no updates on when this will become available for the public at large.

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