You May Be Surprised To Learn That These 10 Common Things Have An Expiry Date

10 household things that have an expiry date

While we limit the concept of expiration to medicine and food, many other everyday items in your household need to be replaced after a certain amount of usage or time. Below is the list of 10 such articles:

1) Pillows — Replace every two to three years

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Old pillows get uncomfortable and even ill fit for a good night sleep. They can also turn into a hotbed for dust mites, which means that they must be replaced after a couple of years.

2) Running Shoes — Replace at least once a year

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Replace your running shoes after one year or after running 250 – 300 miles, whichever comes first. Overusing them will wear the cushioning, which could eventually cause pain in your feet and joints.

3) Perfumes — Replace every two to three years

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The perfumes with essential oils must not be used after three years if the bottle stayed enclosed. It should be replaced after two years if it was open.

4) Towels — Replace every one to three years

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What conditions would be better for bacteria to grow than fabric and moisture? Although regularly washing the towel may save you from the bacterial infections, the quality of the fabric wanes away which shows that they need to be replaced every few years.

5) Toothbrushes — Replace every three months

Dentists recommend that your toothbrush should be replaced when you watch their bristles wear down, or after three months, whichever comes first. Some toothbrushes have color-changing bristles which change to indicate when it is time to replace them.

6) Slippers — Replace every six months

Wearing dirty and worn out slippers will lead to infections as well as pose danger to the well-being of your feet. Washing them regularly may do the trick, but they should still be replaced after every six months.

7) Mosquito Repellents — Replace every two years

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The chemicals become useless after two years.

8) Hair Brushes — Replace every year

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Your hair brush should be cleaned regularly, and it’s always a good idea to replace it every year to avoid the scalp diseases.

9) Fire Extinguishers — Replace every 15 years

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People usually place fire extinguishers in the building and forget about them afterward. This act may result in fire extinguishers being useless when the push comes to the shovel.  If the container has visible damage, is empty or hasn’t been changed for 15 years; you should probably get a new one.

10) Underwear— Replace every year

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Washing your briefs regularly is essential, as wearing dirty undies can lead to health problems including urinary tract infections and thrush.


How many of these do you replace after the recommended period? Comment below!

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