Wonderful Engineering

This Seems Like An Ordinary Trailer. The Interior Will Leave You Amazed

What you’re looking at is Kirkwood Tiny Home that has been created by the same folks who are behind the KirkwoodTinyHomes.com. It began as a 20014 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer, however, 11 years later it has transformed into something much more amazing.

From here it looks like a conventional trailer home, however, you will be surprised once you turn around the corner. Are you ready?

Seems as if something else is going on, no?

The trailer has been transformed into a tiny house and features a functional slide-out for extra space.

Once inside, you’ll see that it offers all the comforts of any conventional home all thanks to the innovative design.

For example, check out this amazing foldout bed.

This space can be used for a number of other purposes during the day.

The inside looks bigger than the outside, thanks to how it has been laid out.

You’ll find extra storage at all the unexpected places.

This RC Cola box for instance, has been mounted on the wall and serves as storage.

The kitchen sports multi-level shelves.

This section of counter has a freezer inside it.

Check overhead as well!

The fold-down ladder will take you to the loft space.

A glass panel for viewing has been incorporated as well.

And yes, it sports a full bath!

The bath is split up thus imparting more room for every component.

The house, as a whole, is quite sweet.