This Sailor’s Lighter Lights Up Without Using Any Fuel

The Rope Lighter Lights Up Without Using Liquid Fuel

Welcome to yet another amazing post about a wonderful feat of engineering. This time, we have brought for you the demonstration of a rope lighter by the famous YouTube show called cutlerylover.

The featured rope lighter will impress you in every possible manner. It is definitely more than just impressive. The lighter is flameless, windproof, and makes use of only a rope for fuel. Yes, that is right; you do not require any liquid fuel for this amazing rope lighter. It features a cotton rope that is used as the fuel for the lighter.

The Rope Lighter Lights Up Without Using Liquid Fuel

Before you ask; no, the design is not new or something that has been brought to the realm of reality just now. It is an old lighter design that is usually called a sailor’s lighter. The rope lighter is comprised of a simple ball that is attached to a rod. When you pull it up, flameless fire is created. If you wish to turn the flameless fire from the sailor’s lighter or the rope lighter off, you simply have to pull the rope down and voila.

Yes, we know that all of you are interested in learning about how does this lighter work. So, the rope is basically already charred. Therefore, when you throw some sparks; it will start to burn. When you blow on it a bit, you can get sufficient enough fire for helping you to light whatever it is that you want to light up. This ingeniously creative lighter was used by sailors – hence the name; sailor’s lighter – when they had to light their cigarettes in locations that were windy enough to render the conventional lighter useless. That is definitely one way to show your creativity!

Check out the YouTube video below and let us know what you think of this amazing rope lighter. You can also reach out to us if you want to share your knowledge about such handy and creative gadgets that are not famously known.

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