This Robot Will Shovel Snow, Mow Your Garden And Blow The Leaves All By Itself

Kobi Robot

We all love the once green and fluttery leaves turning into the crisp of the autumn crunching beneath your feet. A whole spectrum of yellow, orange and green colours announce the incoming snowy season when all these shades will be bogged down by the monotonous but equally fascinating white. We all love the romance, drama and the life that these seasonal changes cause; but we also dread the added gardening and cleaning problems they bring with them.

Image Courtesy of Kobi

Although many people profess they feel fulfilled while gardening, many of us do feel this statement is overrated. Having to mow the green grass every weekend, rake the dry autumn leaves and shovel snow from a driveway isn’t exactly how a person wants to spend his/her time.

So to make sure you can enjoy all the fun of the seasons with none of the baggage, a robot named Kobi has been created to solve all your lawn care woes. Kobi is an autonomous electric-powered robot which is capable of mowing the grass, blowing off the leaves, as well as clearing off the snow while you sit back and watch the magic happen. The snow module is so powerful that it can even blow the snow away for up to 40 feet depending on conditions, so you can use it clean your driveway while taking revenge from your pesky neighbours.

Watch the video below where this amazing robot is taking every climatic challenge head on!

Adding to all the amazing capabilities, Kobi is also fully-electric meaning there is no additional cost of gasoline as opposed to the traditional lawn mowers, and also making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Kobi is a fully autonomous machine, which uses its high-end GPS and positioning sensors to get a grip on the whereabouts. After a simple training procedure involving taking it for a walk around the perimeter and making it learn the boundaries like hedges and fences, it can work alone without any human intervention. Kobi can also be programmed to dump the collected leaves and grass at the place of your choosing.

This wonder of modern day robotics is also equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and data connectivity, which enables it to be used using an app and voice commands. There is also an option of overriding the autopilot and manually steering it in case you are wary of the robot “becoming alive”.

Kobi will also shut itself after completing its job, and will also do so in case it is taken off the property or stolen. It will also send you its location and to your phone in case it’s location is changed from your preset coordinates.

Image Courtesy of Kobi
Image Courtesy of Kobi

Although at the price of nearly $4,000, it does look like quite an ask to be bought.However, if you spend $40 each week on your lawn maintenance, the robot could be a wise investment.

The company says Kobi will be available for purchase sometime next year.

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