South Korean Company Unveils A 1.5 Tonne 4 Meter Tall Giant Humanoid Robot

Method-1 robok

If Robot apocalypse is ever going to be a thing, this mega robot will certainly lead the way. Future Technology, based in Seoul South Korea, has recently revealed their 4-meter tall robot that is truly a spectacular sight. They call this 1.5-tonne manned robot “Method-1”, which is inspired by Avatar’s MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform. While Method 1 does not have any heavy weaponry installed on it yet, it definitely has the structure and builds to be used in military applications.

The bipedal robot uses a controller circuit to keep its 1.5-ton body balanced, and it also managed to perform an extended gait which is an astonishing feat even for smaller scale robots. And just like in the movies, a human machine interface is installed in a cockpit using an exoskeletal potentiometer system which replicates the movement of the user, making the limbs of the robot work in a seamless fashion.

This is not the first time the exoskeleton concept is applied, with the technology being used in a host of military and industrial applications providing the necessary buffer between the operator and the potentially hazardous payload. This technology is also used in robotic extensions in the mining industry as well as bomb disposal.

Pic Credits: Facebook

Vitaly Bulgarov, the 3D modeling designer of the project, posted:

“It was quite an ambitious project that required developing and enhancing a lot of technologies along the way.”

Vitaly Bulgarov has already worked on creating conceptual design and 3D modeling for films like Transformers, Robocop and Terminator, and has collaborated with big guns like Dreamworks, Blizzard Entertainment and LucasFilm Industries. And it is pretty clear from where the Method-1’s impressive design takes its inspiration.


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