This Robot From Boston Dynamics Can Dance Better Than Most Humans

dancing robot from boston dynamics

People are doing their best to make themselves believe that robots will not dominate the world one day. Meanwhile, the robots are getting more advanced. Boston Dynamics keeps releasing videos after videos of their robots doing things which are not easy for an ordinary human to do. The latest video from the firm shows a robot dancing and it moves far better than human dancers. The firm plans to start selling its SpotMinis by 2019, however, they have not officially unveiled their plans so far.

The founder of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert said in an interview, “Robotics isn’t like some fields were the applications are all worked out and well known. We are simultaneously figuring out what the use cases are while developing the technology.” Boston Dynamics called the video of dancing robot UpTown Spot and many people commented that the video must be a drunk post done by one of the robots themselves. It won’t be wrong to assume that very soon these machines will be able to take and post their videos on the social media. Until then, watch the video below and enjoy the robot’s dance moves.

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