This Ridiculous Carbon Ebike By Ryuger Is Set To Go Undergo Production

Ebikes or electric bikes are all the rage nowadays. Recently the Western Australian company Ryuger Bikes announced their new 2021 Eidolon BR-RTS and it looks just like a sports motorbike (without the engine or exhausts of course).

The Eidolon is a super-aerodynamic carbon monocoque ebike that looks like a street racer but is actually a normal full-suspension commute bike taken to the next level. The sleek aerodynamic lines, powerful twin front braking system, an aerodynamic carbon blade fork, full carbon drop handlebar, and water-proof tank compartment puts the Ryuger Eidolon in a class of its own. Looks exactly like what a gamer bike would look like but why would a gamer need a bike?. The waterproof tank compartment behind the head stem has a capacity of three liters to carry your phone and keys in.

Since it’s an Ebike so it has an electric motor. The motor is by Shimano, namely the Steps e8000, which is limited to 250-W and 25km/h or 15.5mph. It includes a 3 stage pedal power assist allowing for a good number of driving styles according to the driver’s needs. The unit is lightweight and offers a reasonable peak torque of 70Nm with cadence sensing. These specifications are in accordance with regulations mandated by the Australian and European ebike associations. The stand is also 3-step adjustable and can be personalized, you know to make it look even cooler.

The braking system is also built in-house. They were supposed to use off-the-shelf units but COVID supply issues pushed them to develop their own braking system.

According to Ryuger the Eidolon is now in production, with two color schemes available. Which are ‘acid avocado’ and ‘space racing’ (your guess is as good as mine). They have not given any information about the price but looking at its gamer-esque style and all that carbon work, the price is going to be pretty hefty.

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