Daymak Is Making The World’s Fastest Electric Three-Wheeler, And They Need Your Help

The previous decade saw the Canadian electric vehicle maker, Daymak, evolve things in the mobility space with different forms of innovative ideas and creativity. In 2011, Daymak developed the world’s first wireless electric bike. The company later developed all-electric ATVs and solar-powered off-roaders.

They are back yet with another innovative idea, and with this new one, Daymak has ensured that its core motto is to bring new designs into the automotive industry.

Daymak has started to design and develop the three-wheeled electric Spiritus that the company is stating will be the fastest of all ever produced. For the three-wheeled-electric car project, Daymak has announced it will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign.

The company’s prime focus is to bring innovation into the world of transport; like the previous year, it revealed its Avvenvire series of electric vehicles and has no intentions of limiting its design works now with its latest project announcement. The company’s last year’s creations include an enclosed recumbent bike, a flying saucer-shaped flying car, and its most amazing all-terrain explorer vehicle, a perfect fit for ventures in the wild.

The Spiritus falls somewhere in the middle of Daymak’s inventory in terms of its potential vaporware. It comes as an all-electric option for swift and comfortable urban commutes.

As from what the three-wheeler looks like, it gives an impression of a modern commute vehicle that could be driven through congested and narrow pathways, with the comfort of indoors and speeds of a sports car.

Daymak stated the two-seaters will drive like a go-kart and equips solar panels for trickle charging along with regenerative braking. The company claims it will accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 1.8 seconds, which awards the future three-wheeler with the fastest in its category.

“This is very exciting,” comments Daymak founder Aldo Baiocchi. “Daymak had come a long way from when I started in my garage in 2001. The Spiritus is a dream come true.”

Looking at the Spiritus, it seems like an electric three-wheeler we won’t see on the roads soon. However, we thought the same for Daymak’s previous creations. And we’d have to acknowledge; the company keeps to its timelines.

Daymak started building consumers’ interest in its electric three-wheeler earlier. The company foresees its crowd-funding campaign going successful and gaining the desired 50,000 pre-order for the vehicle. Daymak expects this number to be achieved by July 2021, given what they are offering is beyond outstanding.

A pre-order could be placed through a deposit on its website, and the amount will be deducted from the final product once complete and ready to be delivered to their rightful owners.

The Spiritus Electric Three-wheeler will come in two variants. Its ultimate model will have a carbon fiber body, all-wheel drive, self-driving capabilities, 80 kWh battery, and a range of 300 miles and would be priced somewhere around the U.S $149,000.

Its other variant, ‘Deluxe Model,’ sounds more consumer-friendly and will have a price tag of $20,000. It would contain a 36 kWh battery pack giving a range of 180 miles (290 km) which sounds pretty impressive. Daymak said Spiritus electric three-wheeler production would commence in 2023, and the concept seems to make a big hit.

Learn more about Daymak and its innovative work in auto-mobile engineering and development.

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