This Ridiculous 12,000$ Watch Doesn’t Even Tell The Time

1200 watch that doesn't show time

Smartwatches no longer have the basic function of a watch anymore. We have dozens of appliances from the wall of our houses to the pockets of our trousers that show us time. In a time where smartwatches are packing more and features, this ridiculous initiative from Watchmaker Hautlence has everybody ridiculing the company for the audacity to come up with this sort of thing.

The watch is nothing but a Labyrinth game from the 1950s where you have to transport a small metal ball from one end to of a maze to another. The maze isn’t big, and you can do it in one sitting. And here is the crazy part if you haven’t had enough; the miniaturized game-watch costs an insane 12,000 $. Even the company itself is calling it the useless yet entirely essential object. I wonder what weed these guys are smoking in Switzerland? It is essentially expensive than most of the TagHeurs, Rolexes and iWatches out there and btw they do show time…

If you haven’t had enough of crazy for a day, check out this bewildering and snob-pretentious advert from the watch company that stars the famous Manchester United Striker Eric Cantona. It is so far the only positive thing in this entire saga!


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